DIY Sheer Cardigan

A big thanks to my friend Sylvie since she’s the main reason for this post. First of all she found a pretty piece of floral fabric on sale and used it to decorate a table at my wedding shower. Secondly, I gave her this animal print cardigan as a bridesmaid gift then totally pulled an Indian giver and asked to borrow it. Once I saw the two pieces together it clicked. New floral cardigan!

I straight up copied the pattern from the animal print cardigan. Thank you previously drafted pattern by somebody else! Lay out the fabric and fold in half, vertically so it is parallel with the selvage, for step 1.

Step 1: Cut out the back piece. To do this, fold cardigan in half and line up the fold of the cardigan with the fold of the fabric. Cut one inch away from the cardigan all the way around, except for the fold of course. I wanted to make the cardigan short in the front and long in the back (like a mullet!), so I extended the bottom by quite a bit and cut it on a curve.

Step 2: Cut out the front pieces. This is almost like cutting out the back piece. Almost. This time I moved the fold of the cardigan a few inches past the fold of the fabric until the top of the shoulder was aligned with the fold.*

*Step 6 shows why I should have moved the cardigan less once inch to include space for a hem.

Step 3: Finish cutting the front pieces by unfolding the fabric cut in step 2 and cutting down the middle. Place the two new pieces on the back piece to make sure they match up.

Step 4: You could leave the bottom of the front pieces straight, if you wanted more of a tailcoat look. I wanted them to flow seamlessly into the back piece though, so I cut curves into them.

Step 5: This step is optional. Instead of a regular hem on the top of the back piece I decided to make a facing.

Step 6: Hem the front pieces where they meet in the middle. So I was a dummy and forgot to allot space for this in step 2 which meant the sleeves were no longer aligned. Lucky for me this is a roomy cardigan so I just trimmed the fabric until it matched back up.

Step 7: Sew the front pieces to the back piece on the sides and the shoulder, right sides of the fabric together (“right side” meaning the side you want facing outward when the garment is finished).
Almost there! Just need to hem the sleeves and the bottom.

In hindsight I would have done a few things differently. This fabric loves to ravel, so I should have used French seams. I probably would have tried to make a facing for the entire bottom hem, too. Lastly, if I had enough fabric I would have cut it……that way it would have had more movement. Kind of like the one from Urban Outfitters’ Fall Catalog (below, right).

Still turned out well enough to wear in public though!

Thanks for taking the picture, Fred. And thanks John, for helping me not look like an idiot.

4 thoughts on “DIY Sheer Cardigan

  1. I’m really enjoying these tutorials. And, I did notice you wearing that floral beauty piece on Saturday and meant to complement you. 🙂 Hope your feeling better! Sorry Eddie is so freaking mean!

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