Picture Frames + Bed Sheets = Wedding Decor (part 1)

Many, many Saturdays were spent at thrift stores across Southern California picking up frames, bed sheets, suitcases and other thingamajigs to use for my wedding. I was mainly searching for items to use as table runners and table numbers. It would have saved a ton of time to just buy these items in bulk from a wholesaler, but I was so heavily inspired by crafty, vintage loving brides who incorporated mismatched yet coordinated pieces that to do so would be a crime. Plus Jim is into reusing versus buying new which is something I sort of adopted when we started dating.

Let’s start with the table runners made from bed sheets. The goal was to have a bunch of mismatched table runners to get an eclectic feel. Instead of long & skinny runners for our rectangle tables, we went with square runners and laid them on the tables like this:

Thrift stores have tons of old sheets and some can be kind of nasty. It’s important to buy sheets that are still in decent condition – a hole in the corner is OK if you’re going to cut it off anyway. If it was too faded, stained, or worn I passed it up. I also didn’t spend more than $3 on each sheet – not worth it! I went in knowing I wanted a good assortment of designs (floral, plaid, stripe, bright solids, etc.) and I wanted them to match the theme of our wedding. Before doing anything, I threw these into the washer (we don’t know where these have been)! When they were nice and clean I basically cut them into huge squares, ironed them and then hemmed the night away. A twin or full sheet only yields one runner whereas a queen or king can usually get you two. Their diagonals ranged anywhere between 48″ to 52″ (these were for 8′ rectangle tables). I had to do a bit of algebra which excited me because I love math. Really. Here are my notes.

Once the table runners were cut, I had quite a few other uses for the scraps:

Pennants as pew decorations.

Mr. and Mrs. bibs.

Quilting hexagons in place of a guestbook.

Table numbers.

All wedding and reception photos taken by Heidi Ryder.

Up next: Part 2 for the table numbers!

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