Picture Frames + Bed Sheets = Wedding Decor (part 2)

Now that we’ve covered the fabric, time for the picture frames! I collected a few big ones for entry bay decor and photo booth props and about 30 little ones to display table numbers. About half of the little ones were ready to go, but the other half needed some help. But before we get to them, I’ll go over the big guys.

Step 1: Wipe them down with a damp cloth (not wet). This is just to clean off the excess dust they’ve been collecting at the thrift store. It’s especially good for those intricate frames with lots of grooves.

Step 2: Tape off any parts you don’t want to paint. This particular frame had a canvas border that I wanted to preserve.

Step 3: Be sure you’re in a ventilated area and spray away!

Step 4: Let dry.

The table number frames had a lengthier process.

Step 1: Remove the backings and glass. Follow steps 1-4 shown above.

Step 2: Trace each backing onto a different scrap of fabric. I was able to use up scraps of old bedsheets!

Step 3: Cut ’em out using your handy fabric scissors!

Step 4: Use small dots of glue to adhere the fabric to the backing (too much glue gives you discoloration, and a sticky mess).

To make the numbers I just printed them at home on cardstock, cut them out, and glued them on. Instead of centering each number in its frame, I placed some in the corner or slightly off center. Voilà!

Reception photos by Heidi Ryder.

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