DIY Harry Potter Party

My fellow Harry Potter nerds and I celebrated the release of the last DVD at my house complete with costumes and a makeshift Diagon Alley entrance. Brittany even came over and lovingly made snitch cake pops!
Originally we planned on making butterbeer cake pops, but after deciding against buying a whole bunch of ingredients, we opted for a box of yellow cake mix. Brit made the cake & frosting, formed the cake balls, and dipped them in melted butterscotch chips. While the cake was baking, she made wings by piping melted white chocolate through a plastic baggie onto parchment paper. I dusted them in edible gold powder and added the wings. Ta-da!To make a fake brick wall, I picked up some muslin and brick colored paint. Since this had to be a magical brick wall that you could walk through, I sewed two pieces of muslin together so that they overlapped.  You could just cut the material down the middle, but I like the overlap so it looks more like you’re disappearing into the wall as opposed to walking through a curtain.I used a sponge to stamp the bricks. Using tan and black paint to mix with the brick color made for multi colored bricks. Pretty nifty! *Update: this blogger has a great tutorial on how to do this and hers looks fantastic!


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