DIY Fabric Flowers

Photos by Heidi Ryder

For my wedding I made fabric flower hair accessories for each bridesmaid instead of buying them. Not only did this save a ton of money, it allowed me to customize each clip to coordinate with their dresses. I found some alligator hair clips at Michaels and hot glued the flowers on.

For Christmas I wanted to make a bib necklace for Brit using some of the same techniques. I used four different kinds of flowers which we can call:

1. Tulle Time
2. Ruffle-y
3. Mille-Fueille-Fleur
4. Twisted Rosette
I didn’t create the methods for any of these, but here’s my personal process.

Tulle Time:
1. Pick out a tulle/netted fabric. I wanted this necklace to have a nautical feel so the color and design of this particular fabric worked out perfectly.
2. Cut out small oval shapes, about 0.5″ x 1″ big.
3. Gather 4 or 5 of them together like flower petals and sew at the base.
4. Repeat until you have as many bunches as you wish.

1. Cut out a small square of fabric.
2. Fold the square in half twice. Cut off the corner (make sure it’s not the corner where the folds meet).
3. Repeat a couple more times and sew the pieces together where the folds meet.
4. Turn over and there you have it!

1. Draw out a small circle – I used a spool of thread as a guideline.
2. Cut out the circle and place onto the fabric. Use this circle to cut out a new one just slightly larger.
3. Repeat until the size is to your liking.
4. When you’re done, make a little stitch in the middle to hold all the circles together.

Twisted Rosette:
1. Cut out a strip of fabric about 2″ x 24″ big. Tie one of the ends into a knot.
2. Tuck the short end underneath the knot and sew in place.
3. Twist the long end around the knot about three half turns and sew it in place.
4. Continue until the size is to your liking. When it comes to that point, tuck the end underneath the rosette and sew in place.

Time for assembly!

1. Sew together the bunches of tulle into a semicircle.
2. Glue the ruffle-y pieces on the tulle at your discretion.
3. Repeat with the mille-fueille-fleur pieces.
4. Repeat with a twisted rosette.
5. Optional Add (nautical) adornments.
6. Optional Add more adornments. Rhinestones make everything better!
7. Turn the bib over and cut out a piece of fabric to cover the back.
8. Use hot glue to attach the backing.

Have fun!


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