Animal Print Button Up = Sleeveless Tunic

Sometimes you can buy an oversized blouse, slap a belt on it, and call it a day. Sometimes you can’t. I was drowning in this animal print top and had to take it in.

Step 1: Cut off sleeves.

Step 2: Trim the shoulders.

Step 3: As you can see the armholes are huge. See how far you want to take it in and pin it. Remember to leave a little room for the hem.

Step 4: Turn the shirt inside out and pin all the way down as a sewing guide. If you’re a lady and have hips, you can’t pin straight down (unless you are averse to mobility). Pin it with a slight diagonal and sew.

Step 5: Backstitch! I decided to stop sewing about 4 inches from the bottom of the shirt. Needless to say, it is always important to backstitch whenever starting or ending a seam. But I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to backstitch when finishing this particular seam.

Step 6: Trim the sides, leaving about an inch of allowance from the seam.

Step 7: Hem the allowance. Even though the seam stops 4 inches above the bottom, hem the allowance from top to bottom. This will have to be done a total of 4 times (both sides of the seam, on both sides of the shirt).

This is what the bottom of the shirt will look like from a side angle. Thanks to the backstitching in step 5, the seam will not come undone.

This is what the seam will look like from the inside, after the armholes are hemmed.

Speaking of which…
Step 8: Hem the armholes!

It’s great for layering!

Blue Silk Slip: $5
Refashioned Leopard Tunic: $5
Leather Belt: $3
Necklace: 50¢
Boots: $15 at Buffalo Exchange
Oversized Sweater: $22 at Nordstrom Rack (originally $148)

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