Repeat Boutique: Newport, Ca

Repeat Boutique is a great little shop in Newport whose proceeds go toward helping women suffering from drug abuse. The lady who runs it is committed to her cause, and to maintaining the boutique feel of her shop. It has an upscale atmosphere with ridiculous thrift store prices. With the exception of designer pieces which are priced accordingly. For instance, my shopping buddy that day, Nikki, almost bought a $25 pair of vintage St. John earrings. Instead she chose a $2 pair that are just as cute.


I walked out of there with a vintage cape and velvet shoes for under $20!

Afterwards we visited a baby consignment shop, since Nikki is with child! That is to say, it was a consignment shop that specialized in baby related items. Not a place to buy and sell babies. That is a terrible thought. For shame.

6 thoughts on “Repeat Boutique: Newport, Ca

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