DIY Sheer Skirts (part 1)

This week we will cover three methods to creating your own sheer maxi, two of which are sewing involved and a third that is a “hope you get lucky finding a sheer skirt with a lining” method.

This post will deal with the former 2.

METHOD 1: Make a super simple sheer skirt. A chiffon would work nicely, or a soft lace. I found this knit crochet lace on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabric.

1. I didn’t use a real pattern for this, unless you consider a rectangle a pattern. The length is the measurement from my waist to my heel. The width is twice the measurement of my waist plus 5 to 6 inches.

2. Sew the two sides together so you get a tube.
It kind of reminds me of the martian muppets from Sesame Street. Yip yip yip yip:

3. To take in the waist a little, sew tiny folds every few inches on the top opening of the skirt.

4. Take your elastic (I used one that’s two inches thick) and stretch it (not too tight) around the part of your body where you want the skirt to sit. For me, that’s my waist. Cut the elastic. When it’s not stretched it should be significantly smaller than the actual measurement of your waist.

5. Sew the elastic together to make a band.

6. Pin the elastic to the skirt. Start by lining up the seam of the elastic with the seam of the material.
I pin in a total of four places: On the seam, and the three other “corners” of the skirt (opposite side of the seam, back center, front center).

7. Sew the elastic onto the material. When sewing elastic onto something, remember to stretch it as you stitch. That way the material will stretch with it. Otherwise, you’re just sewing material to a band. And that is not helpful when you’re trying to put it on.

Wear over a pair of shorts or mini skirt and there you have it!

If you’re looking into a permanent lining…
METHOD 2: Follow steps 1-3 of method 1. Skip the elastic band and sew it straight onto a pair of elastic waist shorts or skirt. You could sew it onto something that involves a zipper, but because I’m kind of lazy and that would involve more steps, I say just get something with elastic. Especially considering how easy it is to find elastic shorts/skirts at the thrift store. Remember to stretch the elastic waist of the shorts/skirt as you sew, just like the elastic band in the first method.

For easy changing, I wore the skirt over my unitard yesterday to Cirque Claremont at Harvey Mudd. After I wore myself out at the aerial show, Jim and I went down a couple blocks to the Folk Music Center and he bought himself a U-Bass, hence all the ukuleles and guitars behind me.

Third method coming soon!


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