DIY Sheer Skirts (part 2)

Now for the “hope you get lucky finding a sheer skirt with a lining” method. After I saw Kate do this I experienced a twinge of bitter regret and admiration all at once. Bitter regret because I had just spent upwards of $50 on one of these at a department store (I too fall prey to the brand new ready-to-wear pieces displayed on shiny mannequins). Admiration because DUH why buy one when you can snip up something from the thrift store?

This requires some divine intervention and willingness to shop. Not much explanation – just cut the lining to an appropriate length for yourself and voilà! (Hem if necessary.)

If you would like an explanation, here it is. So…basically…you need to obtain a maxi skirt that has both a lining and a sheer outer layer. The trusty neighborhood Goodwill provided me with one.

1. I measured a skirt of mine whose length I thought was appropriate for this project, and
2. applied the measurement to the lining.
3. Snip away!

Step 4: Wear outside to show off your handiwork!

Leopard Unitard | thrift store in Paris: €5 ($8)
Refashioned Liz Claiborne Sheer Skirt | Goodwill: $6
Denim Button Up | T.J. Maxx on clearance: $10
Qupid Wedges | Hot Topic on clearance: $15
Michael Kors Watch: borrowed from Brittany (thanks for taking my pictures B!)


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