Fancy Romper = My New LBD

Over a year and a half ago I picked up a fun, formal style romper at a Forever 21 sample sale. It had exaggerated balloon shorts which were cute, but not so flattering on me. I loved the mesh top and ruffles though, so I bought it to turn into a dress (and for only a few dollars it was kind of a no brainer). Like most projects, though, I started snipping away only to tuck it away in my closet and forget about it.

Well, 18 months later and I finally have a reason to complete it! Since I started it long before the conception of this blog, there are no photographs of the first two steps. These illustrations will have to do!

Step 1: Cut the crotch seam. Once that is done the garment will look something like this:

Step 2: Cut off the excess fabric. Yay, now it’s a dress! Almost.

The wonderful thing about rompers is that they can be super short and there’s no need to worry about bending over and exposing yourself to everyone behind you. Mini skirts and dresses do not have the same advantages. So this next step deals with creating more length.

Step 3: Basically, I’m going to sew a piece of fabric to it and BAM, it’s longer. The tricky part is what to do when you get to the zipper, but we’ll save that for step 4. Remember this skirt? Well I saved the material that I cut off its lining, and I’m going to attach that to this lining, like so! I had LOTS of fabric, so I pleated that sucker.

Just a quick detour on what to do if your romper does NOT have a liner. If this were the case I would sew the lengthening piece into the waist seam from the inside. It takes a bit of precision to sew straight into an existing seam, but it can be done!

Step 4: This romper had a zipper and I was not about to deconstruct the whole thing just so I could cleanly add a lengthening piece to the lining. Instead, I started sewing on one side of the zipper and stitched all the way around to the other side. This leaves a gap where the zipper is. At this point I pinned the material right sides together and sewed up until the bottom of the zipper.

If you were to sew past the bottom of the zipper, you limit the length of the zipper. Hopefully this picture will make more sense:

Once the seam is sewn, it will look like this:

I developed a new appreciation for this dress when I realized it had similar qualities to the one Kimbra wore in her “Settle Down” music video. Love that girl!

Finally, the reason for this refashion, Kate’s Twenty-Six in the City birthday bash!! Well, just the invitation. Kate, Picca, and Donellyn are so pretty!


10 thoughts on “Fancy Romper = My New LBD

  1. You are too too good! The little black dress is sensational! And, my goodness, wherever did you find a photographer with such pizzazz and vision? He captured your bubbly, vivacious personality perfectly!

    • Thanks Cara! Can you believe that the one who snapped those photos is the tall drink of water in the photo next to me? Her name is Picca – and Kate & Donellyn were the ones making me laugh :]

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