Suit Jacket = Magician’s Tailcoat

photo via etsy

This project was for my lovely friend Laura, or rather, her son. He decided on his own that he should be dressed as a magician for his Easter pictures this year. You know, so he could pull the Easter bunny out of a hat. Creative little man, am I right? Laura picked up this suit jacket for a couple bucks at Goodwill:

Step 1: Remove buttons.
Step 2: Get some tailor’s chalk! Or a colored pencil that will show up on your material. I thought it was appropriate that my chalk had a bunny on it.
Step 3: Draw a guideline for cutting. To get the dramatic tailcoat look, I made sure to go up at a slant before going back down.
Step 4: Snippity Snip!

Step 5: After cutting out the front pieces, snip the corners. This allows you to create a hem.

Step 6: Lay out the pieces you just cut off.
Step 7: Position them on the jacket until you like the length of the tails.
Step 8: Trim them for easy sewing.

Step 9: Sew on the tails.

Step 10: I just so happen to have these little gold buttons in my button tin. I pinned the jacket where I thought they would look best and hand stitched them.

Easter photos by the talented Kersti Kooiman

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