Outdated Dress = Red Carpet Frock

This post is going to be quick, ’cause I didn’t really do that much to make over this dress! So check it out: last autumn Urban Outfitters carried this dress:

I totally wanted it but totally did not want to pay $70, ’cause sometimes I can be stingy!! Don’t worry, I tip my waiters.

Well wouldn’t ya know it I found this guy at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago:

I knew that my very own layered tank dress was in there somewhere. So, snip snip snip!

Hem hem hem! Ta-da!

The most exciting thing about this dress? I got to wear it to the HUNGER GAMES WORLD PREMIERE!!!

Brittany and I had to rush from work (a long day of climbing ladders and making things look pretty), so we were gross and sweaty. But we didn’t care! We clean up pretty nice, right?

Ok, so I didn’t actually get to walk down the red black carpet. There was a lot of celeb spotting at the after party though! But it was mostly me walking circles around Darren Criss hoping he would notice me. (He didn’t.)


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