Fringe Week 1/3: Music Festival Tee

It’s officially Spring and I have no doubt that our inner hippies are raring to get out. Therefore I dub this week FRINGE WEEK! Yaaay!

First up, a super simple fringe t-shirt. I grabbed this old Radiohead tee that my friend was getting rid of.

Step 1: Cut off the bottom hem. (You don’t want chunky fringe tips!)
Step 2: Figure out where you want the fringe to start. Measure up to that point on the side seams and sew a small stitch.

Step 3: Take a seam ripper and take apart the side seams (if you don’t own a seam ripper, a pair of scissors and some patience will do just fine). The stitch you made will prevent it from coming apart farther than you need.

Step 4: Cut strips into the t-shirt. My strips were about half an inch thick.

Step 5: Stretch each strip to make the fringe.

I like to keep things simple, but you could always spice things up by adding beads or feathers. There’s a ton of t-shirt cutting tutorials that can be applied here, too. I’m particularly fond of this weaving technique. Have fun with it (and remember to stay hydrated at those music fests)!!


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