Flower Girl Dress = Lace Cardigan

An interesting coincidence happened this weekend. I attended the Renaissance Faire with some friends–which I hadn’t been to since the 4th grade or something. The last time I went I wore an old flower girl dress since it was the closest thing I had to Renaissance attire. When I came back from the Faire on Saturday, for whatever reason, I went digging through my costume trunk* and found that dress! I was surprised that I kept it all these years. Well actually I’m not cause if it weren’t for my husband I’d be a pack rat.

So here is how that flower girl dress transformed into a cardigan 17 years later.

The empire waist is way too high now that I’m a grown-up, so I just cut off the entire top half. Then I gathered the waist and hemmed it. The waist is now the neckline!

When I cut a slit to create the sleeve I thought a straight line would work. I was wrong. After I sewed the sleeves and side seams together it was SO fugly. Potato sack fugly. So then I cut it again but made it more of a long V shape.

I was super fickle (and a little delirious from no sleep) and made a last minute decision to cut it down the middle to make a cardigan.

Chillin’ with no makeup on = wear a floppy hat and big sunglasses to hide the bags under your eyes acquired by staying up late turning a flower girl dress into a cardigan.

In case you’re interested, here is what the dress looked like in its heyday, modeled by my cousins Stella, Nicole, and me at our aunt’s wedding:

No instagram here, folks! That is what the picture looked like when I scanned it in.

I have to throw this current photo of us in here too. Look! You probably still wouldn’t guess we’re related!

*The only family heirloom I own is this big antique Chinese trunk (no I’m not Chinese). Yes, I fill it with costumes and props. What else would I put in there?

8 thoughts on “Flower Girl Dress = Lace Cardigan

  1. I rarely reply but I just loved the photos of you wearing the dress as a child and then the three of you. Love your creativity!

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