Nicole Fringes Her Boots

My lovely, beautiful, hilarious friend Nicole was one of the many lucky Coachella attendees this year. Before she left for her trip she saw Fringe Week here on Let’s Get Thrifty and asked for some pointers on fringing some boots! We messaged back and forth a bit and she came up with this great and simple tutorial, which she has so graciously allowed me to share with you! (Unfortunately she forgot to bring them to Coachella, but she did get to wear them to church in her Sunday best!)

So here is the process, as told by Nicole:

1. I bought the faux suede from Jo-Ann’s; about a foot of each color (which was way more than enough). It was pretty thin, too, so easy to cut into strips for the fringe.
2. I measured the width around the boot (and by “measured” I mean wrapped the fabric around the boot and cut where it overlapped…clearly a very mathematical process), then used the first piece as a template for all other strips of fabric.
3. Starting with the bottom color, I used a “permanent adhesive” fabric glue to glue the top part of the fabric piece to the boot, gluing about two inches at a time.
4. Once glue was dry (which only took about a minute in impatient Nicole time), I cut the fabric into thin strips to create the fringe.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with remaining colors. The last (or top) color I folded over the top of the boot and glued on the inside.
The most important step: REMEMBER TO PACK THEM!

Nicole and her friends still looked cute at Coachella! They even got featured on The Cult of Style!

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