Cardigan Flair

There were a couple of cardigans by Vera Wang for Kohl’s with a little something extra that made them stand out from your everyday cardi.

Just a little chiffon added to the bottom or along the front opening adds understated pizazz! I had to stop myself from doing it to all my cardigans.

I found this rayon Banana Republic cardigan at Crossroads Trading for under ten bucks, and had some chiffon on hand.

First I shortened it so stops right at my waist.

Then I measured out the chiffon. The length matches the front opening of the cardigan. The width is about half the length, but really just think about it like this: more width = more dramatic.

Sew it on!

Wear it to your friends’ five year anniversary vow renewal! Congrats Raquel and Eric, and thanks for inviting us to be with you on this special day!

6 thoughts on “Cardigan Flair

    • Thanks! I’m glad you feel inspired! You don’t have to use chiffon; I like it because it has a beautiful drape. Any fabric that is lightweight and falls nicely should work! Something like organza might be too light, though.

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