Gold Cardi Re-Re-Fashion

Ok so I have to make a disclaimer: this isn’t much of a refashion. I shall explain.

I found this gold floral top while thrifting and had to have it. Problem was, I didn’t really like it as a top. I decided before I purchased it that I would cut it down the middle and turn it into a buttonless cardigan. Problem solved!

Then when I turned it inside out I realized that it had been a cardigan all along! Whoever owned this prior to me had a different point of view, and excellent hand sewing abilities.

Seriously, whoever hand stitched this had some skills. Their blind stitching was imperceptible from the front! So basically, all I had to do was UNdo all their hard work.

Wore it over my outfit at a ridiculously awesome wedding yesterday.

My best find of all time? Metallic heels.

Trying not to bother the couple of the hour:

…aaand my favorite of the night. Creepy husbands are creepy.

Gold Floral Cardigan | Out of the Closet: $7.50
Banana Republic Silk Maxi Dress | Out of the Closet: $8.50
L.A.M.B. Heels | Buffalo Exchange: $30 (orig. price $175)
Skinny Belt | Forever 21: $3
Vintage Purse | Goodwill: $7

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