No Sew Tie-Front Tank

Do you own a pair of scissors and a shirt you don’t mind cutting up? Good, this is the tutorial for you! Let’s get the thrifty details out of the way first…

(Get it? Evil Queen? Poison Apple? Eh?)

Evil Queen T-Shirt | sample sale: $1
Neon Pink Jeans (turned cut-offs) | F21 on clearance: $8
Braided Belt | hand me down from dad: free
Black Toe Leopard Flats | Cotton On on clearance: $5

Ok, here we go:

Step 1: Get shirt.
Step 2: Lay it out flat so that the side is facing you, and the front and back centers meet on the sides.
Step 3: Starting with the back center, cut across toward the front center as high up on the shirt as you feel comfortable (personally I’m not one for the super cropped look – my abs need work). Leave about 5 inches front the front. Curve the cut down so you start cutting perpendicularly to your original cut.
Step 4: Starting with the front center, cut out a vertical strip about an inch higher than your first cut.
Step 5 (optional): Cut a curve into the ties for a smooth look.
Step 6: Lay out the shirt so you can see your work. Hopefully the whole thing is symmetric. Make any adjustments in your cuts if necessary.
Step 7 (optional): I cut off the sleeves and neckline.
Step 8: Tie the ties in a double knot!

There you have it! Cut up a shirt and an old pair of jeans and you’re dressed for a Sunday fun day. Britt had the same idea. She removed her sleeves. Then, using a small pair of shears, cut tiny holes on one side of the shirt.

12 thoughts on “No Sew Tie-Front Tank

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  2. Love this! Can I share it in my blog? I’m brazilian, so I’ll have to translate to brazilian portuguese. Is about t-shirts and I will give you full credit and link to your blog and this post. Say yes, please! hehehe

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