DIY Dr. Girlfriend Costume

What kind of refashionista would I be if I didn’t thrift and alter one of my Comic-Con costumes?

This DIY is split into three parts: The Dress, The Details, and The Hat.

First part: The Dress
I scoured the local Goodwills for a light pink button up dress (you know, nothing too specific) in order to make a Doctor Girlfriend costume. I shortened the dress, took in the side seams, and made sleeves from the excess fabric.

Second part: The Details
Reshaped the collar and lapels into a Mandarin collar and replaced the buttons (a few new buttonholes had to be created in the process).

Third part: The Hat
Can’t be Dr. Girlfriend without her trademark pillbox hat! I used the excess fabric from the pockets I took off the dress. Cardboard helped give the hat some structure. I added small loops to slip bobby pins through to keep it on my head.

5 thoughts on “DIY Dr. Girlfriend Costume

  1. Lola O would have been so proud of you! Now when can I bring over my out dated clothes and have you refashion them all?

    … Tita Rosen

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