Almost Backless Cocktail Dress Refashion

In one weekend Jim and I had the privilege of attending two weddings – one for a high school buddy of his and the other for my childhood best friend. They just keep coming! Not to mention 5 of my close girlfriends got engaged this summer. I don’t know if I can afford all the lingerie for these bachelorette parties.

This matrimonial celebration was held at an old fashioned swanky rooftop location in downtown LA, so I wanted to wear something old fashioned swanky rooftop appropriate. Enter this floral peplum disaster.

1. Remove sleeves.
2. Take length off the shoulders. Normally I would take it out of the waist, but I didn’t want to mess with the zipper and peplum on this dress.
3. Cut out a V shape from the back. This meant losing the dainty little buttons, but I didn’t mourn too much cause you couldn’t see them anyway (this is where you scroll up to the top photo and say, “Oh I didn’t even notice those”). Sew the shoulder seams back together.
4. Take a heck of a lot of length off the bottom.

Congrats Brian and Wendy!

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