DIY My Little Pony Accessories

Thanks to Brittany letting me borrow this wig, I’m going as Princess Celestia to Equestria LA. Let’s make some pony stuff.

First, the clay items: unicorn horn and ears.
Just gotta say that this project has to be done at least 24 hours in advance if using Model Magic. I only gave myself 8 hours and the clay hadn’t hardened yet, which sucked.
Step 1: For the horn, roll out two skinny cones of clay.
Step 2: Twist the cones together starting at the base.
Step 3: Keep twisting them together, being careful not to just simply twist one cone around the other.
Step 4: Until you get to the top.
Step 5: Pinch off any excess clay to get the desired length.
Step 6: Roll the horn so is smoothes out a little and the two cones blend into each other. At this point I covered it in iridescent glitter. In retrospect, I’d rather mix the glitter into the clay beforehand. To start the ears, flatten out two pieces of clay into triangle shapes with rounded corners.
Step 7: Flatten out the bottom of the ear pieces and curve in the sides to create dimension.
Step 8: Attach the ears and horn to the hair accessory of your choice with more clay. I used a plastic headband, but an elastic one or clips work as well.

Next, the glittery foam stuff: crown and cutie mark suns.

The easiest part was shaping Celestia’s crown out of a pre-made one from Michael’s. I added purple gems with some Elmer’s glue.

Here’s an easy way to make a temporary cutie mark.

Step 1: Celestia’s cutie mark is a sun with 8 rays. For this I used an adhesive glitter foam sheet. I traced a circle and divided it into 8 even parts.
Step 2: I made a stencil for one sun ray making sure the width is the same as one eighth of the circle’s circumference.
Step 3: Trace the ray 8 times.
Step 4: Cut out the sun shape and use it to trace and cut out another. Now you have one for each flank!

Here’s the full costume! Followed by my awesome coworkers (Kelsey as Doctor Whooves, Steph as Misty the Wonderbolt, Joe as Fluttershy, Ed as Twilight Sparkle from the future, and Mallory as Nightmare Moon – a very friendly Nightmare Moon). I don’t know the people in the last two pictures, but their half Cadence half Changeling and Derpy costumes were too fun to not post.

Thrifty Getup Details:
Lace Blouse w/ Tank Top | Goodwill: $7.00
Maxi Skirt | Goodwill: $4.00
Gold Mary Janes | Quality Thrift: $4.00
White Feather Wings | Hot Topic (on clearance): $7.00
Crown and Cutie Mark | Michaels (Glitter Foam + Jewels): $4.00
Unicorn Horn | Michaels (Clay + Glitter + Headband + Crafting Time): $5.00
Princess Celestia Wig | Borrowed from Brittany!

24 thoughts on “DIY My Little Pony Accessories

  1. Thank you so much for creating this post. It was helpful when I created my pony ears and horn. Just so you know, mixing glitter in model magic does nothing. It soaks it up like a sponge and then you don’t see any glitter. I painted mine white after they had dried and then covered the wet horn and ears in glitter. Works pretty well so far.

  2. Thanks for this! My daughter loves Twilight Sparkle but wants to be something else involving a horn for Halloween – a tigercorn – a tiger/unicorn/pegasus, in pink, of course. Hers is drying now – fingers crossed!

  3. Just an FYI for those looking. They now sell a glitter sealer for model magic clay, in both silver and gold, as well as a shiny sealer. Have not used it myself. But making some ears and noted it.

  4. I personally hate using model magic, I prefer Plastimake or Thermomorph, how did you keep your model magic from breaking on contact with anything? I can barely put my old Celestia horn on my head for like five minutes and it snaps. xD

    • Hi!

      So strange, I’ve never had a problem using model magic! I have yet to see it break, but I will definitely check out Plastimake/Thermomorph. Thank you for the suggestion!


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