Friendsgiving Fun

Before Friendsgiving dinner I met up with some girlfriends for lunch. I saw the four of them walking toward me and thought, “Ugh, they’re so pretty. This is totally Asian Sex and the City.”

Sylvie (who just passed the bar!!), me, Lynne, Kate (of Kate Spanish), and Lia.

Thrifty Getup Details
Sweater and Skirt | Buffalo Exhange: $16.00 + $11.00 = $27.00
Blouse | T.J. Maxx: $16.00
Purse | Gifted from Kate

Right after this Sylvie and I headed down to San Diego for Friendsgiving hosted by the Orillions! Megan asked me to make some Thanksgiving props. It was a very elementary school style project, and I loved it doing it (and forcing Sylvie to help me)!

I also made pilgrim hats and bonnets. You can find tutorials for these if you just search “DIY paper pilgrim hats.”

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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