Found Scarf = Costume Socks

80s themed holiday party for work! You know that means…thrifting!! My creative coworkers (also seen here) had the same idea. Scroll down to see their gnarly outfits.

I chose to portray my favorite 80s cartoon’s faceless caretaker: Nanny from the Muppet Babies. But where the heck was I going to find light blue and green striped socks? Well some divine intervention happened at a thrift store when I found this scarf.
turn a scarf into socks


80s Pop Culture

80s Pop Culture Costumes

Thrifty Nanny Costume Details
Purple Sweater (cut down the middle) | thrifted: $3.00
Pink Dress | thrifted: $8.00
Striped Scarf made into socks | thrifted: $1.00
Purple Slippers | thrifted: $3.00
1988 McDonald’s Holiday Huggable Muppet Babies | eBay: $5.00

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