Raver Gear = Fur Shawl

Ok, first of all, how lovely is this lacy frock? I saw it on the new arrival rack at the Goodwill and scooped it up whether or not I ever planned to wear it. Then I made up a reason to wear it. Actually, my friend wanted to do a Cruella De Vil inspired shoot, so I worked it in. I figured an “angelic” de vil would be a funny modern take on the notorious villain.

white lace dress

So…I made a shawl out of a pair of furry leg warmers to wear over it.

turn furry leggings into a shawl

1. Found some furry leg warmers.
2. Cut off the elastic tops.
3. Cut open both leg warmers.
4. Place the warmers right sides together.
5. Sew them together all the way around, leaving a small space to turn it inside out.
6. Turn inside out (which is technically right side out) and top stitch all the way around.

Cruella De Vil inspired

Thrifty Getup Details
Dress | Goodwill: $8.00
Shawl Refashion | Sample Sale: $1.00
Vintage Brooch | Gifted from my grandmother
Shoes | Kohl’s on clearance: $4.00

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