Going for that Samurai Pop Star look. #giddiots2013

Congrats to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Krystal, and her fun hubby, Leejay! They are fantastic and crazy in love. A wedding with a balloon artist, food trucks, a donut cake, AND a pinata? I’m there.

Jim and I were asked to MC the wedding, so my girls Laura and Brittany hooked it up with hair and makeup. Jim got his hair done, too, by his girl Wendy!

Look, this refashion comes with a husband!

before and after green dress

So, to be honest, I really liked this dress as it was when I found it at the thrift store. It even fit like a glove. BUT I had my heart set on a blue green brocade dress (what the what – can you believe I found that exact thing?) except with box pleats. Well, I figured I could just add the pleats, but what fabric to use…

I happened to have this blue dress in my closet from a refashion that never happened. Total cost of both dresses = $6.50.

thrifted dresses

I cut off both skirt portions of the dresses, leaving the zipper intact on the main dress, and seam ripped the panels of fabric. Then I sewed them back together, alternating colors, and creating the box pleats.

box pleats

Reattaching the zipper to the skirt was a lot easier than expected. Just had to iron down the fabric so the zipper stayed hidden.

attach the zipper

Snipped the sleeve length just a smidgen.

shorten the sleeve

Love you two giddiots!


My lovely girlfriends!

kry the bride

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