DIY Effie Trinket Costume

In honor of Catching Fire releasing in theaters, here’s a post about Hunger Games: Catching Fire costumes! This Halloween my coworkers and I went as capitol citizens and Katniss. I called dibs on Effie because, well, I have pink hair.

catching fire cosplay

I thrifted two red prom dresses and bought some red organza from the fabric store. I cut up the dresses and basically layered tulle over tulle until it was a puffstravaganza.

use prom dresses to make costume

I cut off the bottom half of the long dress and reattached it to the waist. Before cutting I sewed a seam so that the layers of tulle would stay together.

Then I cut off the skirt of the second, shorter dress using the same method. I attached that skirt to the waist of the dress as well. In the end this gave me three huge layers of skirt.

diy effie trinket costume

With the organza I made several layers of circles for the top and arranged them by size. The circumference of the inner circle is the size of my waist. I then attached this to the waist of the dress as well. Instead of letting it fall to my hips, I attached this to the torso of the dress with small stitches every 6 inches to create a wavy effect. The smaller circles are on the outside so you can see all the layers.

catching fire diy thrifted costumes

A quick honorable mention to my coworkers who went as Wreck It Ralph! The girls DIY’d their costumes, too! Incredible.

wreck it ralph cosplay

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