5 Costumes For A Bob Hairstyle

What do you get with five thrifted black dresses, one bob haircut, and a bunch of movie inspiration? A week’s worth of quick and easy costumes!

amelie costume
1. Amélie
The color palette for this movie is red, green, black, and warm neutrals. I figure any combination of these colors with flattering 90’s silhouette makes a believable outfit from Amélie’s wardrobe. PLUS, she wears comfy boots!

edna mode costume
2. Edna Mode
“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” The key components for this are a paneled dress or skirt, and those round glasses. Edna’s jacket is pretty bitchin’ but if you can’t find something as fabulous, any structured jacket should work.

clue mrs white costume
3. Mrs. White
“Flames, on the sides of my face!” She may be a black widow, but she looks great doing it. You could always throw her signature black jacket and veiled hat to give this costume more pizzazz.

velma kelly costume
4. Velma Kelly
Another murderous vixen! I opted for a relatively modest version of the vaudevillian’s performance ensemble.

kikis delivery service costume
5. Kiki
This is the costume I used on Halloween day – a real witch! Complete with Jiji in tow!

Happy Halloween!

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