purple ombre wedding dress

There is nothing better than going about your daily thrifting when you come across the perfect find. You know what I’m talking about. It’s something you’ve been searching for at the mall for three weeks but could never find one that was just right. Yet, in the midst of junk and 30 year old knitting books, there it is. At an eighth of the price. In a color-you-didn’t-think-you’d-ever-choose-but-it-works-so-well. And – here’s the kicker – IN YOUR SIZE.

Those are some of the best moments. Then there are the moments when it almost fits the bill, but not quite. The armholes are too big. The hem too long. The shoulder pads overwhelming. I like to buy these pieces and give them makeovers.


While taking a museum tour in Italy, a guide told me that Michelangelo didn’t decide what to sculpt when he started a new piece. Instead, he was able to visualize the art already within the marble and simply reveal it with his chisels. Whether or not that guide was telling the truth, it’s a beautiful way to regard sculpture, and a true testament to natural artistic ability.

I’d like to think that this is how I work with stuff I find in thrift stores.

It’s not.

Usually I buy something ’cause the pattern is intriguing or it’s cheap enough. Then I hope and hope that I can make it into something wearable. Most of the time it turns out pretty decent.

Which brings us to this blog! Along with some thrifty DIY, I’d like to document these refashion projects to help me remember what worked (and what didn’t) in my alteration endeavors. Maybe even passersby can pick up some tips for that ill-fitting piece hiding in the depths of their closet.

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  1. i love your blog theme, i might steal it for something. i read this all in your voice. i love this bio and your comparison to Michelangelo. The pic is a perfect summation of this blog. i love all of it and you. ew. A+

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