Wannabe Teen Titans at Comic Con

superhero costumes

A couple of my coworkers and I decided to go as (the majority of) the Teen Titans to Comic Con this year. I whipped up a Starfire costume for myself and a Raven cape for my friend Kelsey. It was tons of fun and we got stopped at the DC booth to film some in-between-commercials-filler type content. Can’t wait for next year!

making a starfire costume

teen titans cosplay

raven starfire cosplay

Oh! AND in the twelfth hour I hastily put together a green dress for my and Jim’s last minute Bob’s Burgers cosplay. Yaaay!
bobs burgers cosplay comic con 2013

2 thoughts on “Wannabe Teen Titans at Comic Con

  1. I know this post is somewhat old, but do you think you could please show a more in-depth tutorial of how you made the neck piece and gloves? I am making a Starfire costume for New York Comic Con in October, and these are the parts I’m really struggling with! Thanks so much!

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