Dress Fit For A Mermaid Fairy #BK2013

A dear high school sweetheart of mine got married this weekend. Kate is beautiful, fun, all around lovely – and is the woman behind this awesome blog. If you’re not following her, you really should be. Naturally, I couldn’t be lookin’ ratchet at her wedding. I had to come up with something fantastical.

The idea of a mermaid fairy* was first introduced to me two years ago by this crazy lady. An entrancing mythical creature as inspiration, two thrifted dresses, and a bottle of Rit dye later and I have this dress.

two dresses make a new dress

First, I dyed the base dress mint. Luckily the dress was a light yellow (a dyeable color), and fun fact: it has pockets! Even funner fact: I found an old school $20 bill in the pocket after I bought it. Score! I made my money back AND a 200% profit.

dye a dress turquoise teal

Then I tore apart the second dress and separated the panels of chiffon. I had to drape them on the base dress a couple of different ways to see how I wanted the finished product. After sewing them on I shortened the base dress by about a foot (not pictured).

panels of chiffon

The top was lacking so I took the remnants of chiffon to make ruffles and petals.

chiffon petals

There you have it!

princess mermaid fairy dress

The hubs in his new outfit. I didn’t even know he went shopping for new duds! I thought he looked pretty dashing.

The high school sweethearts. Isn’t Kate a gorgeous bride? Congrats Kate and Bryan!


*The origin of the Mermaid Fairy. A conversation had with my imaginative friend Brittany.
Tracy: I don’t like the wind.
Brittany: It’s ‘cause you’re little.
Tracy: YOU’RE little.
Brittany: Yea, and I love it. I just want to be a mermaid fairy.
Tracy: *laughing silently*
Brittany: Why do you always laugh at me?
Tracy: Because I’m imagining you as a MERMAID FAIRY. Do you know what you would look like?
Brittany: Beautiful? …Majestic?
Tracy: No, confusing.
Brittany: I wouldn’t be confused.
Tracy: Ok, so you’d have a tail, shells, wings AND a wand?
Brittany: Yea, but maybe I wouldn’t have shells. I would have a fin that goes all the way up [my torso].
Tracy: But you’d still have wings.
Brittany: Yea.
Tracy: How can you fly AND be an underwater creature?
Brittany: I’d kind of be like a frog! You know, amphibious.
Tracy: Frogs don’t have wings OR scales.
Brittany: I said kind of.

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